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Store Your Products: Is it right for me?

In January 2020, TCGplayer launched a pilot program in which we store sellers’ products at our HQ, and fulfill orders through Direct by TCGplayer. We are now prepared to expand this program to a wider group of sellers. Here is information to help you decide if this would be a good fit for your business.

How Do I Fill and Ship my Store Your Products (SYP) Shipment?

Our fulfillment team manages all orders from Direct accounts, so you don’t have to worry about shipping costs, packaging materials, or labor needed to ship cards after sending your inventory to TCGplayer. When you Store Your Products at TCGplayer, after sending in your initial shipment, you can provide more of these larger shipments monthly or bi-monthly, whenever best fits your schedule. You can also leverage the TCGplayer Buylist for Direct to continuously restock your stored inventory to achieve a touchless sales cycle. You simply manage your pricing remotely, and get paid - faster!

Store or Borrow? Multiple Routes to Profit

Direct by TCGplayer is the best way to buy and sell cards online, whether you opt to borrow our products up front (which is how Direct has worked since its launch) or participate in our new Store Your Products program, enabled by our fulfillment center. Direct by TCGplayer continues to deliver full-service support and high visibility listings, providing you with an easy path to profitable sales.


Store Your Products: FAQ

TCGplayer Direct is the best way to buy and sell cards online. Store Your Products (SYP) is a full service fulfillment program where we list, store, ship, and manage all customer service for your online sales out of your SYP account. Here are some FAQs we have collected along the way from some of the sellers in our SYP community.

Store Your Products: Best Practices

SYP is a full service, high volume sales fulfillment service. SYP sellers send large quantities of sorted MTG and Pokémon (Yu-Gi-Oh! coming soon!) inventory to TCGplayer’s fulfillment center up front - before those products are listed and sold. Our team receives the shipments and uploads the cards to a seller’s dedicated SYP account, then alerts the seller that their products are ready to price and sell. The products are then sold and fulfilled directly from our fulfillment center, and our team of experts handles every aspect of the sale, including buyer support.
You ship, set prices, and get paid.

Direct by TCGplayer - Store Your Products

Unlock the full power of Direct by TCGplayer with Store Your Products. We created a one minute video to help you decide if Store Your Products is the right program for you.

Pokémon in Direct and Store Your Products

Selling Pokémon cards is easier than ever before, now that Pokémon is part of Direct by TCGplayer. When you combine the power of Direct with the speed & ease of Direct’s Store Your Products program, you will have our world-class customer service team to support your sales.

Rapidly Sort Your Inventory for Store Your Products

Our new Store Your Products (SYP) program opens up a whole new opportunity to TCGplayer sellers. We can all agree that selling Magic and Pokémon cards, without having to pack up orders day in and day out, is an ideal situation. By letting TCGplayer take over your daily orders, you can focus on other aspects of your business and spend time with your customers. All you need to do is keep your prices up to date, and restock your stored inventory when you want. With this end goal in mind, let’s switch our focus to how we can get your store ready to join this program.

Access the Store Your Products (SYP) Pull Sheet Today

With a new update, there will be a few features added that will make our Store Your Products (SYP) Pull Sheet more accessible. Within the TCGplayer Direct tab of the Seller Admin Panel you can now find our SYP Pull Sheet.

Four Recipes for Sales Success

Some sellers have commented recently that it seems like TCGplayer is talking a lot about Store Your Products (SYP), for the last several months. It’s true. We love SYP, because we see the acceleration in the rate at which SYP sellers are making sales. SYP sellers are growing their revenues quickly, and having repeated successes, leading to further growth of their businesses.

TCGplayer is proud of the success that many sellers have had with Store Your Products. This program is about shifting labor requirements from your team to our team, and allowing you to focus on your expertise in sourcing & pricing inventory, while leaving the sales & customer service to us. We hope that you will give consideration to whether this is a good fit for your business needs.


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