Direct by TCGplayer

Direct by TCGplayer is the best way to buy and sell cards online. Whether you opt to borrow our products up front (which is how Direct has worked since its launch) or participate in our new Store Your Products program, enabled by our fulfillment center. Direct by TCGplayer continues to deliver full-service support and high visibility listings, providing you with an easy path to profitable sales.

Direct by TCGplayer programs offer variable solutions for sellers looking to sell more online and have TCGplayer do the work. Both program pathways, “Borrow our Products” or “Store your Products” at our fulfillment center, tailor themselves towards different sellers for different reasons. We are here to highlight the differences to help you decide which one might be right for you.

Direct by TCGplayer - Borrow our Products

With Direct, you keep your cards in your possession until they sell on As we fulfill orders made through your store using inventory that TCGplayer owns, we send you the list of cards that our fulfillment team has shipped on your behalf. This will occur every two weeks, or at every $300 worth of sales. Our busy Direct sellers receive this “RI” list 3 times per week. At that point, you package up those specific cards and send them to us so we can restock our shelves. 

Direct is the right program for you if you want to have your hands on your inventory.

  • You store your inventory
  • You list your products online
  • We fulfill orders on your behalf when they sell
  • We take care of your customer service needs 
  • You send us cards frequently on our schedule to replenish sold inventory 
  • You get paid!

Let our team of experts do the work! 

Store Your Products (SYP)

Direct by TCGplayer’s Store Your Products program is a new addition to the TCGplayer family. SYP allows sellers to send us large quantities of sorted inventory to TCGplayer before those products sell. Our team of experts receives the cards and adds them to your account, then you set pricing, and we manage your orders! Our team alleviates your cost and time required for shipping, packaging, labor, and customer service.

Store Your Products sellers ship on their schedule, leaving more time available to focus on your business and leverage more of our labor to maximize profits. Manage pricing remotely and watch the orders come in - knowing that our team of experts is busy fulfilling the orders and making your buyers happy. After the initial shipment, you can provide more shipments whenever best fits your schedule.

You may also use the Buylist Program to refill your SYP Inventory. This is a fantastic way to create a touchless sales cycle where you simply manage the buy and sell prices of products - and then get paid. With Buylist and SYP, you will be sourcing cards from over a million potential vendors, which helps to ensure that you will get in the cards you need at the price you are willing to pay.

Store Your Products is for sellers who are looking for a hands-off approach to selling high quantities of fast-moving singles and desire an increased focus on in-store activities.

  • We store your inventory
  • You ship us your products in quantities over 5,000
  • We list your cards online
  • We pull, pack, ship your orders 
  • We take care of your customer service needs 
  • You get paid, faster! 

Let our team of experts do even more of the work! 


Amplify the power of Direct using TCGplayer Buylist. TCGplayer Buylist gives sellers the power to extend their reach beyond their local area for buying Magic: The Gathering singles. A seller will see increased sales due to being able to specifically target and acquire cards that are primed to sell for the price you’re willing to pay. 

  • Upload the list of your desired cards
  • Set the prices
  • Set money aside in your withholdings
  • Get paid!

Sellers leveraging both SYP and Buylist have the unique ability to buy and sell cards on the TCGplayer marketplace without ever touching them. Our fulfillment team does all the work - sellers just add buying power, drive pricing, and get paid.

The use of TCGplayer’s Direct programs allows for every seller to have a platform that fits their needs. Borrow Our Products allows you to have your hands in your inventory, Store Your Products allows you a hands-off approach to selling with Buylist acting as a companion piece to those programs while standing out on its own for its ease at targeting and acquiring cards. Please refer to the FAQ and the following links if you’d like more information and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out!


Do I have to already be a Direct Seller to participate in SYP?

No! When you store your cards with TCGplayer, a new account is set up; SYP is a type of Direct account, and you don't have to be an established Direct seller to store your cards at the TCGplayer Direct fulfillment center. Your SYP Account is completely separate from any other account that you use on TCGplayer.  

Setting up a Store Your Products (SYP) account is super easy. The only prerequisites to the program are:

  1. You must be able to initially stock the account with a minimum of 5,000 cards from our SYP Pull Sheet*. 
  2. Be a Level 4 seller
  3. Have 99.5% Feedback Rating over the past 30 days
  4. Have an average card value of $1.00  
  5. A method of keeping stock levels above the minimum of 5,000
    1. Shipping larger shipments on your schedule
    2. Using the TCGplayer Buylist

*The SYP Pull Sheet is updated daily and represents the full list of inventory items that we have identified to be faster turners and are accepted into SYP Accounts. We can help you compare your current listed inventory to see what is eligible.

If you meet these prerequisites, and want to sign up for a Store Your Products Account, fill out the form below. 

Sign up for Store Your Products

 If I already have a Direct account, will an SYP account interfere with my current Direct RI’s? 

No. We set up a brand new SYP Account that is only for the cards stored at TCGplayer. You can still run your current account as is, with no disruption. 

Will my feedback/sales start at zero on a new SYP account? 

Yes. The good news is, your SYP Account is badged “Verified Seller” and Direct which means increased visibility on the marketplace. Sales and feedback ramp up fast.

Are there any extra fees included to store my products at TCGplayer? 

There is no 'extra' fee for stored accounts.

Fees Info

Will our cards be mixed with other sellers?

Yes - they are all merged into our central inventory.

Can I set my own selling prices?

Yes. Update your selling prices as often as you wish. Direct/Pro sellers with access to MassPrice can run quick and frequent updates. All direct sellers can use the 'Pricing Tab' to manage prices with .csv’s. 

How do I get started with these programs?