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Direct by TCGplayer - you sell it, we ship it.

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Borrow Our Products

Borrow Our Products

Streamline your online sales by shipping your products to TCGplayer after they sell.
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Store Your Products

Store Your Products

Reduce your labor by shipping your products to TCGplayer before they sell.
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Aquire More Products

Acquire More Products

Replenish your inventory with Buylist and access products from millions of vendors.
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How Direct Fulfillment Works

We’ll handle every aspect of your online orders.

Choose Direct

Choose Direct

Connect and add pricing.

Send Us Your Products

Send Us Your Products

Ship on our schedule or yours.

Get Paid

Get Paid

Direct handles order fulfillment and customer service.

Borrow Our Products

Streamline every aspect of selling trading cards online with Direct by TCGplayer, our order fulfillment service.

Shopping Basket

Get More Sales Online

Customers prefer Direct, and you’ll likely see online orders increase 3x after joining.

Passion Heart

We’ve Got Your Back

Our team is passionate about gaming and knows your products inside and out.

Shipping Cost Box

Fewer Packages to Ship

We package and ship your online orders to save your business time and money. Send us your reimbursement products in smaller, more frequent shipments.


Store Your Products

Ship, price, get paid. Direct by TCGplayer stores your products until they sell.

Product Assembly Line

Chart Going Up

Highest Sales Volume

Shipping cards to TCGplayer means 100% of those cards can be available to be promoted as TCGplayer Direct eligible, increasing your sales significantly!


Fastest Payment

Whenever you receive an order in this program, your orders are automatically payable 4 days later. There’s never been a faster way to be paid on TCGplayer.

Chart Going Down

Lowest Costs

Ship products to TCGplayer on your schedule, Bi-weekly or Monthly. This helps you take advantage of labor efficiencies at the largest scale possible.


Acquire More Products

Fuel your inventory with TCGplayer Buylist

Sales Cycle

Touchless Sales Cycle

Buy, sell, get paid - You drive the pricing and never touch the cards. Activate Buylist, set your prices and gain access to a world class buying pool. Accepted offers ship to TCGplayer, where we receive, condition and list them on your Stored Products account.


Pay What You Want

Set the prices you're willing to pay, and we'll promote your Buylist so buyers who want to sell their cards can find you.


Sit Back and Relax

Let us handle the hard stuff - We'll make payments, check card conditions and handle customer service for you.

Replenish Inventory

Replenish Direct Sales

Use your Buylist inventory to automatically replenish the cards you sell through Direct by TCGplayer.

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Aquire More Products

Our Team Is Your Team

We’ll handle every aspect of your online orders so you can focus on your in-store customers.

Expert Authentication & Fulfillment

Our highly trained authentication experts condition every card that passes through our Authentication Center.

Outstanding Customer Service

We handle refunds, lost packages, condition disputes and more.

Seller Storefront

The First Seller People See

You have a chance of showing up in the Direct by TCGplayer Spotlight, which helps new customers find your store.

Reputation Chart

Building Your Reputation

Your feedback rating improves with every successful Direct order—and we’ll take responsibility if there’s ever a mistake.

Sell Your Collectibles to Millions

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