Our new Store Your Products (SYP) program opens up a whole new opportunity to TCGplayer sellers. We can all agree that selling Magic and Pokémon cards, without having to pack up orders day in and day out, is an ideal situation. By letting TCGplayer take over your daily orders, you can focus on other aspects of your business and spend time with your customers. All you need to do is keep your prices up to date, and restock your stored inventory when you want. With this end goal in mind, let’s switch our focus to how we can get your store ready to join this program.

When you join SYP, you can request two different lists of cards from us:

  1. A .csv of all cards that we are accepting.
  2. A Match List, which is a .csv of cards that you currently have in your inventory that we would like to have you store with us.

The first list is formatted so that you can simply upload the .csv to your TCGplayer account to remove them from your inventory and then ship those cards to us. Once we receive your shipment of these cards, we will then add them to your new SYP account. If you don’t currently have inventory digitized, you can use the second list to figure out which of the cards in your inventory would be a good fit for the SYP program.

Given how extensive the full list of cards we want shipped to us is, using the Match List list will save you time and effort. We are going to go over how to keep your inventory sorted, organized, and listed so you can take full advantage of the Match List. Any cards you don’t send will be on your main TCGplayer account and ready to sell.

Please sort your cards in the following order:
Printing (non-foil vs. foil) → Condition → Set (reverse chronological order) → Alphabetical (by card name) → Sub-condition (reverse holo-foil vs. regular holo-foil for Pokémon)

To achieve the above organizational method, take the following steps:

  1. Separate your foils and non-foils.
  2. Condition all of the cards.
  3. Within each condition, separate them into their sets.
  4. Alphabetize the cards by name. By breaking down the cards into smaller and smaller groups, you will make the job easier on you, and what was once a daunting task, will be much more manageable.

Once you have your inventory sorted, use the method of your choosing to upload the cards to your TCGplayer account. We recommend using Quicklist if you have inventory that is spread among a lot of sets and many individual cards. If your inventory is more condensed to a few sets or many copies of individual cards, then using a .csv upload may be more efficient.

Once you have your inventory sorted, maintaining it is easy. Just make sure that any new inventory gets properly cataloged and listed! This way, new items are available to sell online and we will be able to see your inventory the next time you want to restock your SYP inventory, and let you know what to send in.

Be on the lookout for upcoming improvements as well! We have a new feature coming soon that will allow you to download a Match List, or a full Pull Sheet, from your Seller Portal! With this, you’ll always have the most recent information at your fingertips.

Want to learn more about the SYP program? Connect with our Sales or Customer Success teams by booking a meeting on their calendar. They are happy to answer any questions you have and get you running with this new program.