What is SYP?

SYP is a full service, high volume sales fulfillment service. SYP sellers send large quantities of sorted MTG and Pokémon (Yu-Gi-Oh! coming soon!) inventory to TCGplayer’s fulfillment center up front - before those products are listed and sold. Our team receives the shipments and uploads the cards to a seller’s dedicated SYP account, then alerts the seller that their products are ready to price and sell. The products are then sold and fulfilled directly from our fulfillment center, and our team of experts handles every aspect of the sale, including buyer support.

You ship, set prices, and get paid.

SYP is a full-service program where we do your heavy lifting. Use our teams to help you focus on your employees, community, other endeavours and, of course, leisure time.

How does SYP Work?
Send us your cards! Get the most from your cards by sending in the hottest and fastest selling cards. We facilitate this by providing a daily “pull sheet” of cards approved for the SYP program.

SYP sellers can export pull sheet .csvs directly from their seller portal, at any time. More info on that process here

  1. Check the pull sheet prior to selecting your inventory.
    1. Plan shipments of 1,000 cards and up.
    2. Prioritize cards that are NM & LP, as those are more likely to be selected by Direct buyers.
    3. By choosing the better-conditioned cards, you will see your inventory turn to profit as our buyers tend to choose those conditions over others.
    4. Refer to our card conditioning help file if you need help conditioning your inventory before you send it in: How can I tell what condition a card is in?
  2. Prioritize cards valued $1.00 and up, as those are more profitable for you.
  3. Package your cards well.
    • Reference Best Practices for Shipping.
    • Ensure that the cards are sorted and follow the pull sheet you’re sending in.
    • Pack them in team bags tightly and number the bags in descending order following the pull sheet.
    • When packed inside the shipping box, fill empty space with packing material to decrease the amount of space the cards have to move around in.
  4. Setting up a shipping schedule to replenish your inventory after initial shipment.

Price your cards competitively!
Pricing is always in your control. Once we receive your cards, our team uploads them to your dedicated SYP account and then YOU set the pricing and get those cards selling. Whether you price using MassPrice or .csv’s, plan to stay current and competitive to keep your cards moving fast and bringing you income.

Get paid!
On our high visibility platform, your cards will sell quickly and you get paid, faster than anywhere else on TCGplayer. Our team provides complete order fulfillment and customer support - including taking on all buyer issues, concerns and claims.

What’s next?
Plan your next shipment on your schedule OR enable TCGplayer Buylist on your SYP account and leverage a touchless sales cycle to keep your account stocked and sales flowing - without ever touching a card!

What are the benefits?
When you store your cards with TCGplayer, every card you store with us can be sold through Direct. Many Direct sellers see a 3x or greater rate of sales increase.

Whenever you receive an order in this program, your orders are automatically payable 4 days later. There’s never been a faster way to get paid on TCGplayer.

Because your inventory is stored at TCGplayer you save costs of printing, packaging, labeling, shipping, storing, handling, and providing customer service. Instead of shipping smaller orders to TCGplayer every 3 days, you can more efficiently pull a large order that covers 30 days.

When you store your cards with us and use the TCGplayer Buylist, your cards are integrated into your SYP inventory to price and sell. No labor and shipping for you!

What are the costs?
There are NO additional costs and/or fees to sell your products using a SYP account. A SYP account is set up as a Direct account, and you can opt to add a Pro tier to leverage MassPrice and Quicklist.

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