TCGplayer Direct is the best way to buy and sell cards online. Store Your Products (SYP) is a full service fulfillment program where we list, store, ship, and manage all customer service for your online sales out of your SYP account. 

How is SYP different from Direct?

With TCGplayer Direct, you “borrow our products” by keeping your cards in your possession until they sell on TCGplayer. Using our inventory, we fulfill orders made through your store and then send you the list of cards we shipped on your behalf. At that point, you package up those specific cards to send to us so we can restock our shelves. The shipping frequency for busy Direct sellers to send replenishment inventory back to us is 3 x/week.

With SYP, you send us the cards in large quantities - before they sell. We sort, condition, list, fulfill and support all orders made from your SYP account.

Do I need to become a TCGplayer Direct seller first? 


When you store your cards with TCGplayer, a new type of Direct account is set up for you, and you do not have to be an established Direct seller to participate. This new Direct SYP account is managed separately from any other existing accounts you may have on TCGplayer.

If I am an established Direct seller, will my feedback/sales start at zero? 


The good news is, your new Direct SYP account is badged “Verified Seller” and will have increased visibility on the marketplace. Sales and feedback will ramp quickly.

I use a 3rd party Sync provider. Can I participate? 


Because we set up a totally new account, you can stock and sell through SYP with no disruption at all to any existing account. Simply send us the inventory and we will get it listed and selling for you.

Are there any extra fees included?


If you are a Direct or Pro seller then there are no additional fees for Store Your Products. Our fees are listed here

Are there any storage fees? 

No, there are no storage fees.

Are there any requirements for Store Your Products? 

You should meet the following criteria to qualify for SYP:

  • Level 4 seller
  • 99.5% Feedback Rating over the past 30 days
  • Direct Eligible inventory of approximately 500 cards
  • Average card value of $2.00

Will our cards be mixed with other sellers? 


Your inventory will be merged into our central inventory at our sole Authentication Center in Syracuse, NY.

Are the cards I send in only available through Direct?


The cards stored with us will always, and only, sell through the TCGplayer Direct program.

What products can I ship?

To ensure that inventory keeps moving through the system and that the cards we are receiving from you will be purchased within a reasonable amount of time, we provide a list of cards that are accepted for this program because they are identified as fast movers. We call this list the "SYP Pull Sheet," and should be used to plan your shipments.

How do I maintain my inventory?

You can maintain and keep your inventory supplied by following these methods:

  1. Send in large shipments every x weeks/months
  2. Ship a large initial shipment supplemented ongoing using Buylist
  3. Fueled 100% by TCGplayer Buylist

How do you want these packed for shipping? 

Flat rate boxes are ideal if you were sending in a large RI. If there are several boxes or you’re sending in a palette, please mark each box "1 of 15" etc. 

Can I set my own selling prices? 


Update your selling prices as often as you wish. Direct/Pro sellers with access to MassPrice can run quick, frequent, and scheduled updates. All Direct sellers can use the 'Pricing Tab' to manage prices with .csv’s. 

Can I set my own shipping cost?

No - shipping costs for stored cards are managed by TCGplayer.

How should I organize the cards I am sending in? 

What many stores are doing is adding the quantity onto the .csv that we are providing and emailing that pre-ship. Boxes should arrive at TCGplayer sorted; grouped by condition and in reverse chronological order - as you would ordinarily send in an RI.

When TCG receives this box of cards from me, are they listed immediately or do I get a chance to reprice them? Or should I reprice them before I send them? 

We receive your cards here and upload them to your new Direct SYP account - we then let you know that the account is ready for you to  price to sell! 

You can reprice as often as you would like. 

How long should I wait before preparing another shipment? 

You can begin immediately! 

You can replenish your SYP account by sending more large shipments, or using TCGplayer Buylist to have cards sent directly to our fulfillment center to be added to your SYP account.

When we receive your cards, we will upload every single one to your new SYP Direct account, at which point you can jump in and price to sell.

How do payments work with this new account? 

Payments are triggered within 4 days of a sale and become "payment eligible"  in our system. (It is usually 8 to 10 days for this.) We still issue payments Mondays and Thursdays - so it depends on when it hit payment eligible status to be included in payment day Monday or Thursday.  

With the success of Store Your Products, is it going to completely replace the current Direct program and/or will every Direct seller have to conform to this new program? 

Sellers can maintain their current Direct account “as is” on the marketplace and run accounts side-by-side. Although we are seeing many “spin down” their original Direct account in preference to the new account associated with their stored cards, there is no requirement from TCGplayer that a seller has to select one Direct account at the expense of the other.

How do I get started?!

Follow the link to this form in which you request more information and our coordination team will be in touch.

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