Did you miss it? We’ve compiled the last six months of information shared about Direct by TCGplayer for you to rediscover! Check out all of the blog posts dating back to April about our original fulfillment program.

In-Store Workflow: Pokémon Coming to Direct

As you’ve probably seen with Magic, Direct is a great way to increase your sales, and now that Pokémon is a part of the program, you can anticipate the same! Organizing Pokémon for Direct is a bit different than Magic, though, so we created this blog post to help you get your inventory organized. 

Direct by TCGplayer - More than Magic!

Now that Pokémon has joined TCGplayer Direct, you can use the power of the Store Your Products (SYP) program to see the highest sales volume, fastest payments, and reduced labor and shipping costs.

Store Or Borrow? Multiple Routes to Profit

Both program pathways, “Borrow our Products” or “Store your Products” at our fulfillment center, tailor themselves towards different sellers for different reasons.

With Direct, you keep your cards in your possession until they sell on TCGplayer.com. As we fulfill orders made through your store using inventory that TCGplayer owns, we send you the list of cards that our fulfillment team has shipped on your behalf. This will occur every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday when you have at least $300 worth of sales. Our busy Direct sellers receive this Reimbursement Invoice list 3 times per week. At that point, you package up those specific cards and send them to us so we can restock our shelves.

SYP allows sellers to send us large quantities of sorted inventory to TCGplayer before those products sell. Our team of experts receives the cards and adds them to your account, then you set pricing, and we manage your orders! Our team alleviates your cost and time required for shipping, packaging, labor, and customer service.

Buylist and Direct - a Powerful combination

When you store your products with us replenishing your Direct inventory, using your Buylist gives you the ability to leverage a touchless sales cycle to buy and sell cards where you simply drive prices and get paid - it's easy!


Listing Alert! Pokémon in Direct

Back in August we launched a Pokémon in Direct consumer marketing campaign, and we started running a social media campaign – both of these have been successful in attracting new customers to the TCGplayer platform, meaning there has never been a better time to add new Pokémon products to your inventory! Start benefiting from these marketing efforts today.

Direct by TCGplayer

We created an easy and fun way to understand everything Direct by TCGplayer has to offer through an animated one minute video. Find out if our original fulfillment program is the right program for you!

Pokémon in Direct and Store Your Products

When you combine the power of Direct with the speed & ease of Direct’s Store Your Products program, you will have our world-class customer service team to support your sales. With Store Your Products, you ship Pokémon to TCGplayer, set your prices, and then the sales acceleration begins! Sign up today to take full advantage of the new Pokémon marketing campaigns that are bringing new customers to the platform and spiking sales!