What? TCGplayer is evolving! Direct by TCGplayer will soon support more than just Magic! On June 29th, Pokémon will officially join the TCGplayer Direct family. You are a vital part of our launch plans. Whether you store your cards with TCGplayer, or borrow ours up front, we want to help you get ready to capture the first big waves of Pokémon in Direct. 

Store your Pokémon inventory at TCGplayer and let us list and ship it! You simply update your prices and get paid.

With the power of our Store Your Products program, you will see: 

  • The Highest Sales Volume
    • Every card you store with us can be matched and sold through the platform buyers love - TCGplayer Direct.
  • Fastest payments
    • Whenever you make a sale, your orders are automatically payable 4 days later.
  • Lower Cost
    • Sending larger shipments with less frequency means reduced labor and shipping cost

You’ll be able to add value to your buyers and reduce your paid-labor costs by allowing us to pack and ship your orders while handling all of our customer service needs. With a TCGplayer Store Your Products account, you will see a faster turn on products compared with general marketplace selling, and derive labor savings by only shipping monthly or bi-monthly. Our TCGplayer Direct sellers will also see a 3-5x increase in sales volume compared to the current TCGplayer Marketplace sales.

Not ready to store your products with TCGplayer?  No problem! If you are a Direct seller with Pokémon inventory, simply update your prices and get ready to sell! 

Have questions about selling Pokemon in Direct?  Please email sales@tcgplayer.com and find more information here - Sell Direct.