TCGplayer Pro helps you replenish your inventory by giving you the ability to share your Magic: The Gathering buylist with customers through your TCGplayer Showcase and Pro website. We’re excited to announce that next week we’re expanding the buylist to include Yu-Gi-Oh!

Build a Yu-Gi-Oh! buylist today from the TCGplayer Buylist tab of your Seller Portal. Starting next week, Yu-Gi-Oh! buylist quantities and prices will sync with your Showcase and Pro website so you can engage your local players and expand your inventory. You can also update your buylist prices instantly with MassPrice to adjust to the ever-changing market. Keep in mind that your Yu-Gi-Oh! buylist will only appear on your Pro Showcase and website, not through TCGplayer Direct.

Make time today to grow your business with Yu-Gi-Oh! singles. Plus, get ready for Pokémon singles coming soon to the buylist on your Pro Showcase and website.

Build Yu-Gi-Oh! Buylist