As we announced at GAMA, we’ve been busy developing the TCGplayer Pro Retail app to help you process in-store orders faster than ever. The first version of the app is now available in the App Store so you can download to your Apple iPad. The free app is included with your TCGplayer Pro membership, adding to the existing suite of tools you use to power your business. Both you and your employees can now manage in-store orders placed through your kiosk and website anywhere—in store or on the go.

What to Do Before You Download

If you’re already part of TCGplayer Pro, you’re good to go! If you’re not, apply now. Also, make sure you’re getting the most out of your kiosk and website so you start getting lots of in-store orders to track through the app.

If you want to give employees access to the app, just set up their custom user roles and select the All Order Actions permission. That way they can manage orders in the app and your Seller Portal.

Download the App for Free to Power Up

Go to the App Store to download the TCGplayer Pro Retail app. Then just log in using your Pro account or custom user roles.

In the app, you’ll then receive notifications when you receive an order or the status changes from Received to Pulling to Ready for Pickup to Picked Up. Your workflow will automatically sync with your Seller Portal so everyone on your team is on the same page. You’ll also be able to see the Order Details for each in-store order that comes in without having to sift through online orders.

Thank you for being among the first to discover the TCGplayer Pro Retail app. This is merely the first version of the app as we work toward the full solution that we announced at GAMA. Transactions and other awesome features are forthcoming, and we’d love your feedback on how we can improve the app in the future. If you have any questions or feedback, reach out to your Customer Success Manager or contact our team.

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