TCGplayer Pro launched two years ago at GAMA to power up your inventory. Card scanning software, mass pricing apps and a custom website helped streamline your inventory and price management. Based on your feedback, we’ve now started focusing on tools that help you grow your in-store sales. See what’s next for TCGplayer Pro to power up your customers and your employees.

Power Up Your Customers with All Inventory in One Showcase

Show in-store customers all your cards with TCGplayer Showcase, a new and improved digital kiosk that provides access to your entire inventory. Help your customers help themselves by setting up self-serve stations in your store for those who already know what they want. New search functionality makes it easy for customers to find products and place orders, and related products based on data from all TCGplayer transactions show customers what else to add to their carts.

Power Up Your Employees with Your New Portable Showcase

See a customer who needs help? Instead of being stuck behind your counter, load up TCGplayer Showcase on a tablet to show your full inventory from anywhere in your store. Your self-serve stations will free up employees to help customers who don’t know exactly what they want. Employees can then use TCGplayer Showcase to help customers place orders, show them upcoming events and even present their TCGplayer Buylist so customers know what cards your store wants to buy.

Power Up Your Sales with App-Based Order Management and Transactions (Coming This Summer)

Coming to iOS in May 2019 with transactions coming this summer, the TCGplayer Pro Retail app will allow employees to manage in-store orders and process credit card transactions on tablets. This app provides all the powerful features of your Seller Portal streamlined for your in-store operations. Transactions through the app are only 2.65%, more affordable than all the major players, including Shopify (2.70%), PayPal (2.70%) and Square (2.75%).

You can now power up your inventory, your customers and your employees using TCGplayer Pro. Over 1,000 stores already use Pro to power their business. With no setup fees or monthly fees, there’s nothing in your way—power your store with Pro today.

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