The TCGplayer Seller Portal is your central hub for managing your business both in-store and online, which means that it needs to be as efficient as possible. Based on feedback from our seller community, we made improvements to both the Buylist and Inventory tabs that will make it quicker and easier to update your TCGplayer Buylist and manage your inventory across multiple channels.

Efficiently Build and Maintain Your TCGplayer Buylist

The TCGplayer Buylist is a great way get Magic: The Gathering inventory on demand at the exact prices your store is willing to pay. The Buylist tab in your Seller Portal now features a design and functionality that are consistent with the Pricing tab improvements we made, improving both the CSV export and import processes.

You’ll now be able to export a filtered CSV with a wider variety of options for greater customization. Plus, when you import CSVs, you’ll be able to see exactly where import issues are occurring so you can choose whether you’d like to address the errors right away or import the rest of the updates and tackle errors later. This will make it quicker and easier to update your Buylist prices.

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Manage Your Channels Anywhere You Manage Prices

TCGplayer Pro sellers can use our Channel Management tools to set prices and inventory limits for their physical store and online storefront, as well as Starting now, you can manage your channels in the Inventory tab in addition to the Pricing tab. Both areas feature similar interfaces to provide a consistent experience that’s easy for you and your staff to navigate.

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Update Your Prices and Inventory Faster Than Ever Before

Your time is crucial, and ensuring that our tools empower your store in a way that saves time and money is something we look to improve every day. These changes make Buylist and Channel Management easier to manage and help us support how your run your business.

Thank you so much for the feedback that informed these changes. If you have questions or additional feedback, reach out to your Customer Success Manager or email