Many of you have told us that our price importing process just isn’t fast enough. If you have an especially large number of products in your CSV, you may feel like you’re waiting an eternity for your entire spreadsheet to move into your staged inventory. Luckily, all that frustration is now in the past, as we’ve made significant improvements to our system that will make it at least 10x faster to update your prices via CSV import.

These changes could save you and your team hours each day. This could ultimately increase your free time by several weeks a year, allowing you to focus on growing your business. Plus, there are lots of new features in the Pricing tab to make updates even easier.

Monitor the Validation Process

When you import a CSV, you’ll be able to see each step of the validation process as it happens. You’ll be able to see the system’s progress as it checks your CSV headers, processes all records, checks for duplicates, and validates all the records. That way you see exactly what’s going on during the import.


Identify and Correct Errors with Ease

If there are any errors in your spreadsheet, the system will walk you through them one at a time so you can resolve them and finish your import. That way you’re not left struggling to figure out where the errors are located.


See the Import’s Progress with a Status Bar

Once you correct any errors that come up, you can easily see the progress of your import so you know how much longer it will take to complete. You no longer have to stare blankly at a swirling loading symbol wondering just how long it will take.


We’d love to hear your feedback on these new features and enhancements. Once you check out the new and improved Pricing tab, feel free to reach out to to share your thoughts.


Update Your Prices