Dear TCGplayer Sellers,

Ikoria is Hot!
With the May 15th release date for the new MTG set, Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths, getting closer, we took a peek at the presale numbers for the set. Currently, Ikoria sealed product ranks among the best sellers on TCGplayer right now; specifically, booster boxes, collector booster boxes, and prerelease kits. So, to make it easier for you to understand how to list sealed products, we put together an instructional blog post. We hope you find it useful!

Emerging From COVID-19 Pause
During the COVID-19 crisis the TCGplayer Marketplace has remained strong, and we are now preparing to reopen the TCGplayer Direct fulfillment center as safely as possible, starting on June 1, 2020. To ensure maximum protection for our team, this process will be done slowly and in stages, exceeding local and national safety guidelines. As we approach June 1, we will provide further updates weekly by email, blog post, and via our Pro Retailers’ Facebook group, to explain what to expect related to Direct by TCGplayer as well as Direct Store Your Products, and what actions you will need to consider prior to that time.

Once the fulfillment center is fully back in operation, we will be kicking off the most exciting projects in years at TCGplayer with the addition of both the Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh! card games to TCGplayer Direct. These huge projects combined with our recruitment efforts for national talent such as our first Chief People Officer posting, means that 2020 is set to be another amazing year for the TCGplayer employees and the communities we support.

Reminder: Organize & Digitize
To grow the liquidity of your portfolio and increase selling opportunities, invest time into organizing and digitizing your products. This whitepaper explains why Rapid Inventory Digitization can help grow your selling footprint, and why now is the right time to do so.

As ever, we are grateful for your business, and look forward to continuing to serve you. If you have a topic that you would like to have us address, please contact us!

Team TCGplayer