As a seller, you’ve probably seen your fair share of large card collections on eBay and Facebook Marketplace, and maybe you’ve even bought a few collections yourself. If you have, you know that sorting and sifting through them to find high value cards can be very time-consuming. And that's time you or your employees could be spending doing more valuable work. But if you’re in our Sort program, you can send those unorganized collections off to TCGplayer and we'll sort and even list them for you! 

If our Sort program isn't for you, be sure to check out blog posts Bulk Bin Bargains #1 and Bulk Bin Bargains #2 to know what to look out for while sifting collections yourself. Once your collection has been thoroughly sifted, we also have a couple of suggestions that you can choose from to sell your bulk. 

  1. Sort through the collection and list everything.
    This is an obvious one. However, you might not have the time or resources to sort through thousands of cards. If you do, you can use Quicklist to quickly scan and import your cards to your TCGplayer account. If you’re worried the collection might not be worth the time to sort through, take a look at more options below. 
  2. List with bulk lots on TCGplayer.
    Customers are often more than willing to take bulk off of your hands. If you want to sell collections, full sets, and large bundles, you can use our How To Sell Bulk Lots on TCGplayer help file.
  3. For Brick and Mortar sellers: Create starter kits for local players.
    Create your own starter kits to get your local players into trading card games. Or better yet, make customizable starter kits, where a player has the option to choose between a couple of different cards that change the play style of the game.
  4. For Brick and Mortar sellers: Use bulk bins in your store.
    Display a bulk box of cards that are all listed for a set price. This will be a little of a give and take, as the cards will all have different market prices. But if priced correctly, you can ensure that you’re getting the best return on investment for your bulk.