Calling all cards! 

Let us do the work of turning your Magic cards into money. Organizing TCG’s can be overwhelming, and time consuming! We have a team of experts ready to receive your collections and get your cards listed for sale on TCGplayer. You simply send cards, set prices and get paid. That’s it! Spend your time focusing on your store and your in person customers, while your SYP account generates sales for your passive income.

How does it work?

Sort Your Products (Sort) is a service provided through Direct by TCGplayer in which our team of experts receives your unsorted Magic: The Gathering collections, and prepares them for sale on your Store Your Products (SYP) account. 

First, our team receives and sifts your collection to find which cards have a value greater than a set price you determine (with a .25 minimum). We then add all cards above minimum to your TCGplayer SYP account, where you set pricing and get your cards selling fast. TCGplayer fulfills and supports all your incoming orders! 

You get paid and enjoy the positive feedback that quickly accumulates on your high-visibility, high-volume account.

How much does it cost?

Per card processing fees apply as follows, from initial sort to listed on your SYP account:

  • Cards sifted that fall below the listing minimum threshold of .25 -  $.01
    • Cards under threshold are not listed and are either donated, or returned to seller
  • Cards processed between $.25 and $1.99 - $.06
  • Cards processed between $2.00 and $4.99 - $.04
  • Cards processed $5.00 and over - FREE 

Do I have to pay first?

No. We get paid when your cards sell. Our team keeps track of your collection’s progress, and issues an invoice based on the fees indicated above. The cost of Sort is then deducted from upcoming payments you receive from the sale of the cards.

Do I have to follow a “Pull Sheet”

No. We are happy to accept your entire Magic collection, with the exception of non-English, oversized, heavily played and/or damaged cards. We’ll do the work of sorting and will quickly get these cards listed and selling on your SYP account!

Leveraging Sort is a powerful catalyst to unlock a new, “hands off” aspect of your online business. When you choose to open a SYP account by sending in cards through the Sort program, you can keep that account stocked by sending in future sorted or unsorted shipments, or by accessing TCGplayer’s buylist. 

How do I ship?

We have a Best Practices resource to help guide your first Sort shipment.