Keeping the right cards in stock at the right prices is even more important than ever heading into Black Friday. With TCGplayer Pro, you can control which inventory you’re selling in-store and online and set different prices for each using channel management tools. That way you can maximize your sales—and your profits—this holiday season.

Manage In-Store and Online Products in One Place

The holidays are hard enough. Make inventory management easy by adjusting all your in-store and online products in one place. Your channel management tools allow you to update everything from your TCGplayer Seller Portal. You can set different product lines, quantities and prices for your in-store kiosk and so you can sell exactly what you want exactly where you want.

Keep In-Store Customers Happy All Season Long

Prioritize the people who visit your brick and mortar store by setting aside a specific amount of high-demand cards. Simply set a reserve quantity to be sold only in your store and those products won’t display on Set up an in-store kiosk where customers can browse and buy your inventory. That way your customers keep coming back to your store throughout the holiday season and beyond.

Quickly Adjust to Black Friday Market Changes

Trading card game prices can be volatile, especially during promotional periods like Black Friday. To keep up with the ever-changing market with the push of a button, use MassPrice to update both your in-store and online prices. It integrates perfectly with your channel management tools to make price updates instantaneous so you can enjoy the holiday weekend.

Set Up Your Channels Today

Already part of TCGplayer Pro? Set up your channels now. Just go to your TCGplayer Pro Settings tab and click on “Channel Settings” to get started. Not signed up for Pro? Apply today to grow your business.