Master market changes both in-store and online with maximum convenience thanks to the new Channel Pricing Tool! Today’s additional updates include interface changes and all the information you need to master your MassPrice rules. See what’s new and get started with your smoother, sleeker seller tools today.

Convenient Cross-Channel Pricing

Stay competitive and save time with better, faster control over your channel pricing. Starting today, you’ll notice the Marketplace Pricing Tool in your Pro Seller Portal is now called the Channel Pricing Tool. This updated feature brings price management across all your channels into one centralized location. While you could previously update and match your products to the TCGplayer Market Price, your new and enhanced Pricing Tool gives you the power to update both your in-store and online channels right from the Seller Portal.

Updated Interface for Buylist Pricing Tool

Streamline your buylist pricing with an enhanced user interface. You can now manage your buylist pricing from a single modal, allowing you to see all your pricing options at once and easily determine what changes you need to make.

Stay Up to Date with MassPrice Reports

Get more information about how and when your inventory prices change in MassPrice. The Pricing Audit Report will note when you run rules, keeping a record of your most important MassPrice activity.


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