Delve further into the Underworld with Kirito and gang as they uncover the secrets behind Project Alicization! 

Sword Art Online is a long-time fan favorite series that has spawned countless films, games, and spinoffs. This set brings more of the exciting new virtual world and characters introduced in the Alicization arc for players to discover!

Meet the heroines bringing light to the Underworld with these exciting climax combos! 

Where the Soul Is, Alice (SAO/S80-E002) and Our Memories Are Here (SAO/S80-E029)

Let the memories bring warmth and be a guiding light into the new world!


The Our Memories Are Here climax combo provides much welcome utility by replenishing your stock and refilling your hand! These resources are crucial for later stages of the game as most level 3 climax combos require hefty costs from stock or hand.


Unbending Fighting Spirit (SAO/S80-E004) and Mother's Rosario》 (SAO/S80-E030)

Never back down in the face of evil with an unbending fighting spirit!


The Mother's Rosarioclimax combo is a powerful late game finisher with massive damage potential! This is also the first 《Mother's Rosario》 climax that comes with the Choice icon, offering you more flexibility in deckbuilding and the possibility of running this alongside existing 《Mother's Rosario》 climax combos!  


《Earth Goddess Terraria》 Leafa  (SAO/S80-E037) and Evil Should Be Slashed (SAO/S80-E054)

Harness the powers of nature with Leafa!


Leafa comes with a useful power boost on the turn she is placed on stage, giving her just enough power to go head-to-head against most level 1 characters. Exact windy justice on your enemies with the Evil Should Be Slashed climax combo that helps you to maintain your lead by returning one Fluctlight character from your waiting room to your hand! 


"Light That Penetrates Darkness" Sinon (SAO/S80-E076) and Ultima Ratio Hécate II》(SAO/S80-E098)

Stand empowered by the light that shines a path through the darkness!


If you’re looking to build a blue-centered deck, look no further than “Light That Penetrates Darkness” Sinon. The Ultima Ratio Hécate II climax combo is the perfect finisher that allows Sinon to burn through her opponent’s defences, thinning their decks and their life at the same time!