The all-girl violin rock band Morfonica are making their debut on the Weiss Schwarz stage! 

Extra Boosters featuring special collaborations between Morfonica and RAISE A SUILEN, as well as Poppin’Party and Roselia are making an appearance as well!  

Meet the girls from Morfonica as they perform Summerly Tone♪!


"Summerly Tone♪" Mashiro Kurata (BD/WE34-E30OFR) 

The reserved lead vocalist Mashiro Kurata exudes confidence on stage!


As the leader, she empowers her fellow band members with a 1,500 power boost, while her second ability ensures that she’ll always be around on your turn to lead her members to victory!  


"Summerly Tone♪" Tsukushi Futaba (BD/WE34-E35OFR) 

The confident leader and drummer Tsukushi Futaba is a reliable member you can count on!


Drum roll, please! Being able to come on stage one level earlier, a whopping 11,500 power, and the ability to return to hand while also refilling your stock makes her a sticky force to be reckoned with! 

"Summerly Tone♪" Rui Yashio (BD/WE34-E34OFR) 

The talented violinist Rui Yashio is always cool as a cucumber!


The sweet melodies of her violin fills her fellow band members with strength! Change up the tempo when needed to help you take down opposing level 3 characters! 


"Summerly Tone♪" Nanami Hiromachi (BD/WE34-E04OFR)

The genius bassist Nanami Hiromachi bridges the harmonies!


Call in her fellow band members and play for the climactic finish! Victory is inevitable with a second chance to deal any damage cancelled to your opponent! 

"Summerly Tone♪" Toko Kirigaya (BD/WE34-E02OFR)

The influential guitarist Toko Kirigaya is preparing for an electrifying performance!


Manipulate your top deck to victory thanks to her two abilities that work hand-in-hand! By reordering your deck, you’ll be able to easily fill up your stock for future turns!