On January 31st, the popular anime Goblin Slayer will make its way to Weiss Schwarz with the release of a new Trial Deck+ and Booster Packs.

Check out some of the new cards below, and list Goblin Slayer sealed products for presale on the TCGplayer Marketplace.


This event is the focal point for the Goblin Slayer set, and is exclusive to the Trial Deck+.

Torch digs you four cards deep into your deck to find an Order character that you need, and adds it to your hand. Plus, the counter ability allows you to make a move during your opponent’s turn—and all for no cost, as early as Level 1. So much of this set’s power comes from how quickly and consistently it sets up, thanks to Torch.

Precise Tactics, Goblin Slayer

Precise Tactics, Goblin Slayer comes with a continuous ability that gives it a neat boost of +2000 in power when you have 2 or more other Order characters on the field. It also offers card advantage with its CX Combo with Battle with One's Life at Stake that allows you to retrieve a Torch card from your waiting room or deck.

This ability is especially useful because the set includes two different Torch cards, which you can call on in different situations. The second Torch moves an opponent’s character to another open position, and can be found in the Booster Pack.

Pure Aide, Priestess

As long as you have “True Bonds, Goblin Slayer” in your clock, you can play Pure Aide, Priestess as early as Level 2.

On top of drawing additional cards, this card can CX Combo with Extensive Divine Protection to gain +1500 power and reduce the soul on all of your opponent’s characters by 1, reducing incoming damage and potentially keeping you at Level 2.

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