On July 3rd, BanG Dream! returns to Weiss Schwarz with the release of a new Trial Deck+ and a Booster Pack. The Trial Deck+ focuses on the new band RAISE A SUILEN with its members, LAYER, LOCK, MASKING, PAREO and CHU², while the booster pack features all six bands.

Both products are now available for presale on the TCGplayer Marketplace. Check out these cards that will shake up the meta for different band decks!

Melody of Bands
Time for Our Live! Kasumi Toyama

Melody of Bonds and Time for Our Live! Kasumi Toyama

One attribute that distinguishes Poppin’ Party from the other bands is the Standby Trigger that comes on one of its new climax cards, “Melody of Bonds.” Exclusive to red climax cards, you can bring back a character up to 1 level higher than your current level from your waiting room, and put it on any position on the field. By doing so, you can potentially overpower your opponents with higher level characters for a minimal cost.

In addition, it works with “Time for Our Live! Kasumi Toyama” to deal 3 additional damage if there is no character facing it, or in the event your opponent’s character gets defeated in battle.

"Our Music" Moca Aoba, Tomoe Udagawa, Tsugumi Hazawa and Himari Uehara, and Our Melody

The all-green Afterglow cards in this booster pack are loaded with the Alarm mechanic that was first introduced in the BanG Dream! series in 2018. Denoted by a diamond-shaped clock symbol found on the top left hand side of a character card right beneath the Level and Cost, these cards are packed with effects that allow dynamic gameplay such as bringing back characters or climax cards from your waiting room, extra boosts in power and more.

"Music of Smiles" Kokoro Tsurumaki
Smile in the Night Sky

"Music of Smiles" Kokoro Tsurumaki and Smile in the Night Sky

The booster pack also features the new Choice Icon that is making its debut in Weiss Schwarz English Edition!

Hello Happy World! cards are exclusively yellow and known for having CX combos that are stronger than the other bands. This new trigger on one of its climax cards, “Smile in the Night Sky,” gives you the option to choose a character card with a trigger icon from your waiting room, and either return it to your hand or add to your stock. This offers flexibility in maintaining a healthy hand size or building up your stock as the game progresses.

It works in synergy with “Music of Smiles” Kokoro Tsurumaki, allowing you to “store” other Level 3 cards in your stock in the early game that can be called out with the latter’s effect.

Alternatively, when “Music of Smiles” Kokoro Tsurumaki attacks, you can put a yellow card from the waiting room to the top of your deck, which will become the Kokoro’s attack trigger. With the CX combo, you can put it into your stock and call it out to the field.

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