The showdown between Kurumi Tokisaki and White Queen reaches a climatic high with the release of Extra Booster Date A Bullet!

Date A Bullet is a spinoff from the ever popular Date A Live series and focuses on Kurumi Tokisaki’s adventures in the Neighboring World. Together with the lone Hibiki Higoromo, the two attempt to survive the chaotic death match amongst spirits!

Experience the battle between Kurumi and White Queen with these climax combos! 

Girl Entwined With Nightmares, Kurumi (DAL/WE33-E002) and Confrontation of Black and White (DAL/WE33-E024)

A standoff between diametrically opposed ideals!


The Confrontation of Black and White climax combo provides Kurumi with the powerful ability to ensure the only fate awaiting the opposing character is the waiting room! This ensures that the second part of her ability will always be activated, allowing you to return one character to your hand for more resources in the following turns.


Spirit in White, Queen (DAL/WE33-E026) and Clashing Emotions (DAL/WE33-E049)

Bow before the queen!


The Clashing Emotions climax combo is a utility focused early-to-mid game tool that helps you accelerate your win condition by searching for the resources needed to keep the momentum going! What’s more, her effect also grants another character a handy 1,500 power boost!