Enjoy a round of updates this week that make your seller tools run more efficiently and give you greater control over the way you manage your products on TCGplayer. Today’s updates are based directly on feedback from our seller community.

Delete Inventory by Set

Many sellers have been asking for the ability to delete inventory by set—and now you can! Easily modify your inventory right from your Seller Portal. Delete by set from the Pricing tab, without needing to upload CSVs. Simply select a specific product line, choose the set you need to delete and streamline your inventory management.

Manage Buylist by Category and Set

Fine-tune control of your buylist with the ability to delete by category. Manage by product line, quantity and price so you can change exactly what you need with maximum efficiency.

Cancel Rules in MassPrice

Get complete mastery over your MassPrice rules. When you set up rules now, you can not only queue them for later, but cancel them as needed to keep yourself in complete control of your product prices.