Grand Archive TCG is thrilled by the overwhelming reception on TCGplayer and in local games stores all over the world, making it one of the best-selling indie TCGs of the year. We spoke with Grand Archive TCG in preparation for Fractured Crown, the upcoming expansion set, to hear more about how they fine-tuned the game.

Increased Interactions
Grand Archive’s first goal with designing Fractured Crown was to include a sufficient number of generic interaction cards for promoting interactive decision-making and strategic plays. Losing to a deck, pulling up the Grand Archive Index to search for a card that could aid your deck in that particular matchup, and not finding any is disheartening for constructed formats and competitive players.

There might always be unfavorable matchups between various decks in a meta, but having access to more generic answers that interact with a broader range of strategies will reduce the advantages of certain decks with proper preparation and sideboarding.

Collector Super Rares
Collector Super Rares (CSR) have been exceptionally well-received by the Grand Archive TCG player and collector base. Grand Archive TCG is, however, conscious that they represent a significant portion of the Expected Value (EV) in a given box of Grand Archive TCG. To better balance box EVs for Fractured Crown, they’ve adjusted the average pull rate for a CSR to be 1 in 15 boxes and modified the case configuration to include 18 boxes compared to the 6 per case configuration in Dawn of Ashes.

What does this mean?
In every case of Fractured Crown, you can expect to pull at least 1 CSR, with a chance of pulling more! The goal is that this change incentives stores and players to crack product for singles as the EV for Fractured Crown per case will be more stable compared to Dawn of Ashes Alter Edition. The increased availability of singles should lead to higher liquidity and easier accessibility for the player base and community, in-store and online.

In addition to the CSR and case configuration changes, they introduced a new subset and foil rarity named Fractured Crown: Armaments! FTCA is a 26-card subset consisting of common and uncommon regalia from Dawn of Ashes, elevated with a brand new and unique foiling treatment (texture, metallic foil, and spot UV printing). Dubbed as Quicksilver Foils, they can be found in 1 out of every 3 boxes, adding a middle chase rarity for collectors and providing another option for players to enhance the appearance of their material deck.

Keep your eyes out for the upcoming competitive season of Fractured Crown and beyond! In the meantime, list your Fractured Crown inventory!