An unfortunate majority of sellers only keep their eyes on the biggest cards in a given set: the rares and mythics that have a huge meta impact. However, those sellers are missing out, as there are some valuable game pieces hiding among the commons and uncommons in most sets. There are a notable number of commons and uncommons worth over $1, which can add up very quickly after combing through your bulk.

Today, we’ll be going over two of Magic: The Gathering’s most recent sets: March of the Machine (MOM) and March of the Machine: Aftermath (MAT). These sets had less of an overall impact than many expected, and Aftermath in particular wasn’t opened all that much due to its odd format (not being draftable) and strange placement as a miniature “filler set.”

For the most part, more traditional bestsellers have topped the charts for these sets, with only one notable uncommon jumping over the $1 mark out of MoM: Ruins Recluse, which is a spider that automatically goes into every Shelob Commander deck. Similarly, only the special Halo foil printing of some powerful cards out of Aftermath have snuck over $1, but they’re definitely premium pulls. Let’s look at all the commons and uncommons that are worth over $1 in March of the Machine and Aftermath:

  1. Filter Out (Halo Foil)
  2. Coppercoat Vanguard (Halo Foil)
  3. Reckless Handling (Halo Foil)
  4. Cosmic Rebirth (Halo Foil)
  5. Markov Baron (Halo Foil)
  6. Gold-Forged Thopteryx (Halo Foil)
  7. Feast of the Victorious Dead (Halo Foil)
  8. Blot Out (Halo Foil)
  9. Ruins Recluse

This is a not unimpressive little list, with each card included essentially showing the power they offer Magic’s most popular format: Commander. While we often see Commander driving card prices in general, the highly collectible nature of the Halo Foils makes it apparent just how many Commander players love to play the “bling” version of cards where possible. It’s definitely worth keeping an eye on all the Halo Foil printing in Aftermath — I wouldn’t just shuffle them into your bulk quite yet.

Interested in selling these singles on TCGplayer? List your inventory. We’ve also attached a downloadable CSV of these commons and uncommons over $1 in March of the Machine and Aftermath, along with previous sets we've covered in the series. 

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