All too often, sellers will scan through a Magic: The Gathering set and only pick out high-end collectibles. It can become a habit to pull only the known, high-value rares and mythics from a set and ignore the bulk in between. That, however, is a mistake. Most sets are hiding a surprising amount of value in the commons and uncommons, and you do yourself a disservice by ignoring them!

Most sets are somewhat sneakily holding some value in the lower rarities. As time passes, some uncommons in particular can climb well above $1 each, and these so-called “Mythic Uncommons” are worth combing through your bulk to find. Here, I’ll be highlighting assorted commons and uncommons that have broken that $1 line.

Jumpstart 2022 is among the largest examples of these mythical lower rarities. The seeded packs of Jumpstart 2022 don’t have the same kind of randomized rarity distribution that other packs do — this means that many of the more valuable commons and uncommons genuinely seem as rare as actual rares and mythics.

In addition to this seeded rarity, Jumpstart 2022 is home to a few other factors that boost its value. First, as we’ll see quickly, it features the popular anime style treatment that can add dollar signs to otherwise unimpressive game pieces. Second, the Jumpstart sets are most definitely built with Commander in mind, meaning they’re packed with cards that are staples for the most popular format in the game. Here are commons and uncommons in Jumpstart 2022 that are worth over $1:

  1. Spellstutter Sprite (Anime)
  2. Mirror Image (Anime)
  3. Creeping Bloodsucker
  4. Phyrexian Reclamation
  5. Preordain (Anime)
  6. Coldsteel Heart (Anime)
  7. Expedition Map
  8. Exsanguinate
  9. Stitcher's Supplier (Anime)
  10. Ram Through (Anime)
  11. Spawning Pit
  12. Starnheim Aspirant
  13. Hydra’s Growth (Anime)
  14. Primeval Herald
  15. Eidolon of Rhetoric (Anime)
  16. Blood Artist (Anime)
  17. Syr Konrad, the Grim
  18. Big Score
  19. Seat of the Synod
  20. Stitcher’s Supplier

In addition to these 20 items, there are a number of other cards that are constantly hovering around a dollar, including an anime variant of Tragic Slip that I would keep an eye on. In fact, anything with the anime treatment has a very good shot of crawling up in price, so you’re likely not risking much by cracking Jumpstart 2022 packs for these singles.

For your convenience, we’ve also included downloadable CSV of the valuable commons and uncommons that can be found in Jumpstart 2022, so you can list these cards!

Download CSV