It’s all too easy to fall into the trap of chasing rares and special printings of cards, but increasingly one of the best ways to get a profit when you crack open product (or accept bulk trade-ins) is to set aside the shinier cards and look closer to the middle of a pack. Some sets, especially premium reprint sets like the one we’ll be talking about today, are hiding gold in cards with silver or even common black set symbols. There are a lot of commons and uncommons valued over $1 to be on the lookout for!

Commander Masters is a set that received mixed reviews from the community, however many of the high value reprints in the set have driven solid sales regardless. While rare treatments have gotten most of the attention, there are a staggering selection of over 30 cards in the set currently valued at $1 or more, with still more that are always threatening to break that dollar benchmark.

Unsurprisingly, given the name of the set, high value cards in Commander Masters are driven by Commander players. That means the vast majority of the valued commons and uncommons in the set are staples in the format: primarily cards that generate mana. This means you’ll see a lot of mana rocks and lands in the list, but it also has some staple removal and even a few finishers!

Most of the cards listed below meet this entirely expected criteria, though it’s worth highlighting Exsanguinate and Vandalblast as exciting outliers. Exsanguinate is a card that has consistently slowly climbed, representing an excellent one-card win condition for any deck running black. Similarly, Vandalblast hits a lot of problematic artifacts, allowing it to maintain its demand even with consistent reprints. Let’s look at all the commons and uncommons that are worth over $1 in Commander Masters:

  1. Sol Ring (Borderless)
  2. Three Visits
  3. Lightning Greaves
  4. Ashnod’s Altar
  5. WindfallAshnod's Altar - Commander Masters - Magic: The Gathering
  6. Reliquary Tower (Borderless)
  7. Herald’s Horn
  8. Arcane Lighthouse
  9. Arcane Signet (Borderless)
  10. Reliquary Tower
  11. Thought Vessel
  12. Talisman of Progress
  13. Command Tower (Borderless)
  14. Vandalblast (Borderless)
  15. Vandalblast
  16. Nature’s Lore
  17. Exsanguinate (Borderless)
  18. Fellwar Stone (Borderless)
  19. Thran Dynamo (Borderless)
  20. Sol Ring
  21. Unclaimed Territory
  22. Path to Exile (Borderless)
  23. Exsanguinate
  24. Farseek
  25. Secluded Courtyard
  26. Thran Dynamo
  27. Urza’s Mine
  28. Nomad Outpost
  29. Warping Wail
  30. Darksteel Mutation (Borderless)
  31. Path to Exile
  32. Eternal Witness
  33. Talisman of Creativity
  34. Savage Lands
  35. Bastion of Remembrance

Notably, while many of them don’t quite make it on this list, this set is filled with a lot of borderless treatment cards that are consistently skirting the edge of $1. In general, you’ll be very safe trying to keep borderless cards in stock from this set, as the demand for shiny, cool looking versions of beloved Commander cards is almost certainly going to increase with time.

Anyone can sell these cards on TCGplayer. All you need to do is list your inventory! For your convenience, we’ve also included downloadable CSV of the valuable commons and uncommons that can be found in Commander Masters.

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