Ultimate Guard has just released the second wave of their popular Lands Edition supplies. This series includes FlexXfolio™ binders, playmats, deck cases and card sleeves each featuring one of five new gorgeous landscape designs. You can list these supplies now on TCGplayer.com.

Full-Color Designs

All five Lands Edition II designs overflow with detail and atmosphere that will spark players’ imaginations. Evoking the five basic lands of Magic: The Gathering (Plains, Island, Swamp, Mountain and Forest), Magic players will be drawn to the design that matches their deck’s color. Collectors will be especially eager to outfit their decks with a playmat, deck case and sleeves that have a shared artistic theme.

Reliable Protection

Ultimate Guard is known for high-quality supplies, and Lands Edition II is no exception. All the supplies fit standard-sized cards and are PVC-free to better protect players’ cards. Their durable construction makes them a great investment for collectors.

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Lands Edition II supplies offer timeless style at a great price, and are sure to be beloved by players and collectors of Magic and other TCGs. List them now to help your players discover a new world of card protection.

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