The Official Force of Will website and Facebook announced that certain cards contained in The Time Spinning Witch expansion (releasing on 3/9/18) were misprinted with the wrong J-Ruler on the back. Force of Will has been working diligently toward a resolution to this printing calamity. If your store is located in the United States and currently pre-selling The Time Spinning Witch or planning on selling this expansion in-store or online, please read over the information below.

For Stores:

  • If you are selling these particular cards on TCGplayer, don’t worry. The version you are currently listing is the misprinted version of the card. Just ship the misprinted card to the customer as if it were the correct version. It will then be the customer’s responsibility to follow one of the two Force of Will replacement procedures listed under the “For Players” section below. If you receive negative feedback due to shipping a misprinted card to a customer, please submit a request and our Customer Service Team will step in to assist you.


  • To make sure customers know exactly what they are purchasing, we have added a listing for the corrected cards as well as the misprinted versions, please follow this link to check them out. You can feel free to utilize our new Listings with Photos feature to sell specific misprint cards that may be sought after by customers.


For Players:

  • The 5 misprinted J-Ruler cards contained in the first printing of The Time Spinning Witch booster boxes and packs are considered an error. These cards will still be playable in tournament events, however a system is going to be in place for players to receive the appropriately printed cards. To receive tournament legal replacement cards, you must print off the linked Replacement Form and mail the misprinted card(s) along with the completed form to the following address:

Cyber Lord Games

6755 Phelan Blvd Ste #36

Beaumont, TX 77706


  • In addition, in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, players will also be able to exchange misprinted Rulers at GP and ARG events. Please see the linked GP Schedule, the ARG schedule is still TBA.

The J-Ruler cards affected by this unfortunate misprinting error are pictured below: