The brand new Magic: The Gathering set, Wilds of Eldraine, is almost here! This upcoming set provides a sweet selection of cards that are sure to delight every kind of Magic enthusiast: from the breathtaking artwork of the Enchanting Tales cards, to new and returning deck building favorites for competitive players.

To help sellers make the most of all the Golden Eggs and Tempting Apples available with this release, we’ve generated a list of the top five cards currently best-selling on TCGplayer for Wilds of Eldraine:

  1. Stroke of Midnight
  2. Collector’s Vault
  3. Beseech the Mirror
  4. Up the Beanstalk
  5. Not Dead After All

Perhaps the most discussed card in the Magic community at the time of publishing this article,
Stroke of Midnight is comparable to the white deck-staple Generous Gift in that it destroys a permanent and replaces it. However, while Generous Gift can target any permanent card on the battlefield and replaces it with a 3/3 green Elephant token, Stroke of Midnight can only target permanent cards that aren’t lands, and replaces them with 1/1 white Human tokens.

Regardless of the comparisons between the two cards, Stroke of Midnight is a powerful card that removes strong non-land cards from your opponent’s battlefield and replaces it with a very weak token creature, which in and of itself makes it a pivotal tool in any deck that includes white-mana cards.

Collector’s Vault is a notably strong card for players that are looking to draw specific cards from their deck, as it allows players to draw and discard cards from their hand when they tap Collector’s Vault on the battlefield. Yet the most impactful effect Collector’s Vault boasts is the ability to create Treasure tokens whenever its effects are active on the battlefield, with each Treasure token generating one mana of any color when the Treasure token is discarded.

Effectively, Collector’s Vault multiplies its rewards the longer it is in play and tapped on the battlefield, as players are able to draw, discard and repeat until they find specific high-casting cards on their deck, then sacrifice any Treasure tokens generated during their search in order to play it. As a colorless card with a low casting cost, Collector’s Vault has already become high demand and will likely star in many players’ decks for the foreseeable future.

One of the most popularized preview cards for
Wilds of Eldraine, Beseech the Mirror has been widely discussed in the player community for its ability to allow players to remove cards from their card library without paying its cost if the mana value is 4 or less. The caveat to using Beseech the Mirror is that in order to not have to pay the mana cost when removing a card from their library, players will have to enable Bargain as a card mechanic and sacrifice an artifact, enchantment or token to cast Beseech the Mirror.

That said, for many mono-black decks which base their gameplay on sacrificing and removing used cards in order to play specific card combos, Beseech the Mirror is a highly sought-after card that will reward players for their sacrifices by mitigating the cost of revoking and searching for that one powerful play in their deck.

Up the Beanstalk is a card which provides a lot of potential for multicolor spell-based decks, as it allows the player to draw a card whenever they cast any spell with a mana value cost that is 5 or greater. As a result, players who use Up the Beanstalk will be rewarded with the ability to combo card casting as they draw whenever this enchantment enters the battlefield.

In addition, Up the Beanstalk is confirmed to have effects that stack based on how many copies of the card are on the battlefield, so players who are looking for quick draw and cast decks will likely want as many copies of this card as possible to maximize the draw effects in competitive play.

Another strong black mana card,
Not Dead After All works similarly to Feign Death in that it allows its user to return a creature they control onto the battlefield immediately after death. Unlike its predecessor though, when Not Dead After All is cast before end of turn, it can also place a +1/+1 counter on the card by attaching a Wicked Role token upon returning to the battlefield.

Wicked Role essentially works as both a buff to the card in play and a safeguard to keep the revived creature in the battlefield, since destroying the Wicked Role aura means both the user and their opponent lose 1 life. Consequently, Not Dead After All may provide black mana deck users a tactical advantage when they want to boost particularly strong creature cards in play.

To finish off our list, we want to give an honorable mention to all the basic land cards in
Wilds of Eldraine. The land cards are a vital component to any Magic deck, and the lands in Wilds of Eldraine feature some of the most captivating artwork we’ve seen this year for these lands. A few notable artists credited for the land art include Jonas de Ro, Carlos Palma Cruchaga, and Sarah Finnigan. 

All cards from Wilds of Eldraine are now available to list on the TCGplayer Marketplace before the set releases on September 8, 2023.

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