Store Your Products has been aiming for the stars since March and we’ve finally reached our cruising altitude. To celebrate, we have eliminated the 5,000 card quantity guideline for all Magic: The Gathering and Pokémon shipments. Now, if you have 1,000 cards worth an average of $1 and up per card, you can go ahead and submit a shipment for approval. Please see our new and updated shipping guidelines listed below:

Shipment guidelines:

  • Sending inventory that matches our current Pull Sheet
  • Sorted (sort order provided on .csv) 
  • Average card value of over $1.00
  • Requesting deeper runs of individual cards "SKU density" (i.e.: 5+ copies of a card vs. 1 offs)

By following the shipping guidelines listed above, we can ensure that your shipment will be processed and listed quicker to allow for immediate sales. Since the launch of Store Your Products, we have helped sellers see their sales increase and we have heard great success stories about how SYP has helped businesses throughout the pandemic. Will you be our next success story? 

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