Starting October 25th, TCGplayer will increase our commissions on the TCGplayer Marketplace for the first time in over four years and still remain the most competitive provider in the market. We will continue to invest heavily in marketing, buyer promotions and product development to drive sales to your store and bring you even more customers. Here are some of the investments we’re already making and new ways we’ll drive additional business to your store.

New Buyer Recruitment

We consistently make investments to put your listings in front of an ever-growing pool of new buyers. This year we’ve already placed your products in front of over 500 million searches on Google and Facebook. These ads helped connect your products to buyers ready to purchase them from you. Now we want to put your listings in front of even more potential buyers. This is why we’re increasing our marketing investments, plus expanding to more advertising channels to recruit new buyers for your stores. This is a critical investment that will ensure we maximize your sales during the holiday shopping season and beyond.

Sealed Product Promotions for Buyers

For the first time, we will include sealed products and supplies in our sitewide bonus bucks promotions. These promotions drive huge sales for your stores, and adding sealed products will help attract even more buyers to your listings. Now, when a buyer spends $100 on a booster box from you during a 10% promotion, they will get $10 in store credit from TCGplayer as an encouragement to return and shop from you again. 

When reviewing our commissions, we wanted to ensure we kept the following principles in mind:

1) Always create value for the customer you serve

We last updated our commissions in May of 2015. Since that time, the TCGplayer Marketplace has grown significantly in every conceivable way. Programs such as TCGplayer Direct and TCGplayer Pro have launched successfully, and we continue to grow our product and marketing investments to recruit and retain a record-breaking number of buyers for your stores each year.

2) Be fair with commissions

We know that you have a choice on where you list your products—so we want to always ensure our commissions remain competitive when compared to the global marketplace giants. As long-term partners and a member of this industry, we take this responsibility seriously.

With those two principles in mind, we are adjusting our commissions. This update remains lower than the commission charged to sellers who manually enter their products via TCGplayer and lower than the global marketplace giants. Additionally, sellers who participate in the TCGplayer Direct program now receive our lowest commission. 

In order to include sealed products and supplies in all of our marketing and bonus bucks promotions, we will be normalizing their commissions to be equivalent to our commission on singles, resulting in a unified commission across all product lines. We absolutely understand that sealed and supplies are considered low-margin items for sellers and did not make this decision lightly. We encourage sellers to adjust their prices to ensure their post-sale earnings stay the same as before this change. 


Seller Type

Product Type

Marketplace Commission

Levels 1 through 4 Singles, Sealed & Supplies 10.25% (No Change)
Pro/Sync Sellers Singles, Sealed & Supplies 9.25%
TCGplayer Direct Sellers* Singles, Sealed & Supplies 8.95%

*All sales on the Marketplace, whether or not they're through Direct, will be at 8.95% commission if you're an active member of the TCGplayer Direct program.

These adjustments will allow us to invest further into bringing buyers to your stores, building tools that make it easier to run your shop and providing the support you need to grow. Our goal is to make TCGplayer the best place for extending your sales reach. We look forward to setting sales records with you again this holiday season.