Ultra PRO released the first wave of Relic Tokens for Magic: The Gathering, and they’re now available on TCGplayer.com. These limited edition Relic Tokens are highly coveted and will never be reproduced!

The Eternal Collection includes fifteen different tokens, each featuring a fan-favorite character or tribe. There’s Gideon, Nicol Bolas—even Tarmogoyf! Plus, there are tribal tokens for those playing cats, angels, zombies and more.

Players can use the Relic Tokens as life counters or to track a token’s power, toughness and other game mechanics. Three Relic Tokens come in each blind pack, and there are foil and non-foil versions. There are also three different rarity levels for each token: common, uncommon and rare.

With their limited availability, this first wave of tokens is bound to sell fast. List your Relic Tokens now to start selling these coveted collectibles.

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