Below is a list of key updates made over the last two weeks. If you have any questions, please reach out to one of our Seller Growth and Success agents.  

  • Added Listings with Photos to Pro Website 2.0, allowing sellers to list high-resolution images of products, including the front, back, edges, and close-up view of a card.
    • Note: If you are using the “My Store” Channel Setting and you are adding a product that you have never listed before, you must first add the product to your inventory without a photo, remove it and then re-add it as a Listing with Photos. We are working on streamlining this process going forward.


  • Updated “Import Tracking” on the “Orders” tab in the Seller Portal so that all correct tracking numbers will upload. Additionally we’ve streamlined the CSV download process so that you can make quick revisions to any failed tracking numbers, and re-upload with ease. Previously, if one tracking number was incorrect, the entire upload would fail. 
  • Added customizable headers to the “Import Tracking” CSV so it’s easier to import files from a broad range of shipping systems. Previously, the headers often didn’t match the CSV output from your shipping system.


  • Made performance and uptime improvements to the backend of our payment processing system. 
  • Fixed an issue with order tax so when a customer places an in-store pickup order and you must use the “add another product to the order" button to add a product once they arrive at the store, the accurate tax is generated. 
  • Modified the email verification when deleting inventory so that it is no longer case-sensitive. 
  • Repaired the MassPrice button under the Pricing Tab in the Seller Portal. 
  • Renamed variants in 10 Pokémon sets. This means:
    1. If you had MassPrice rules for Pokémon cards, you may see card names updated as outlined below. 
    2. If you exported inventory prior to 1/6 (8:00 am ET) to a CSV file, and it included cards that were renamed, you will get errors when you import that CSV. If you do receive an error, performing another export and importing that new CSV file will resolve the issue. 
    • The variants are renamed as follows:
      • Holofoil to Unlimited Holofoil
      • Normal to Unlimited
      • 1st Edition Normal to 1st Edition
    • This change impacts the following sets:
      1. Base Set (Shadowless)
      2. Fossil
      3. Gym Challenge
      4. Gym Heroes
      5. Jungle
      6. Neo Destiny
      7. Neo Discovery
      8. Neo Genesis
      9. Neo Revelation
      10. Team Rocket