Our Product Development team is hard at work on a range of improvements to our seller tools. If you have any questions on this work, don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our Seller Growth and Success agents for more information. Without further ado, here’s a quick list of what we worked on most recently:   

  1. Continued feature work on our new Pro Website and Kiosk:
    1. Enabled Hotjar, software that analyzes online behaviors to better understand how sellers and their customers use these products 
    2. Built the new Buylist page
    3. Enabled autocomplete functionality for search
    4. Category exclusions
    5. Enabled channel pricing and quantity adjustment
    6. Optimized site spin-up scripts
  2. Customized UI in the Payments tab of Seller Portal to be more specific for both Direct and Store Your Products sellers
  3. Iterated on seller fraud prevention detection algorithms to reduce false positives and errors
  4. Fixed a bug on Pricing Tab to return all of your items priced when “My Inventory Only” is checked, regardless of quantity available
  5. Continued work on Pricing tab sorting, triaging issues with In-Stock column header, to be included in an upcoming release.