Pro Labs, our new beta testing and seller feedback program, lets you optimize TCGplayer features by showing us what your business needs from our tools. We’re excited to share the participant feedback that’s building our roadmap to the launch of MassPrice Scheduler, a tool to help you run rules automatically on a personalized schedule. 

Thanks to sellers’ suggestions, your MassPrice Scheduler will keep you on the cutting edge of price changes when the tool goes live this fall. Before the beta, the feature allowed you to schedule a maximum of five rules at a time, set to run anywhere within a six-hour interval. Based on feedback from sellers in Pro Labs, you’ll now be able to schedule up to 15 rules at a time when the feature launches. We’re currently working to let you schedule rules within five minute intervals to provide greater precision and so you can run them in the order that works best for you.

Until MassPrice Scheduler’s final release, you can prepare for launch by tuning in to Office Hours on September 12th. Hear about this new feature from our special guest Kim Pieters, the head of Pro Labs, and take the opportunity to bring us your questions about the program!

Interested in influencing your seller tools? Join Pro Labs today and help us innovate new features to optimize TCGplayer for your business.

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