Pokémon is now available to add to your TCGplayer Pro buylist! Starting today, you can expand your inventory with easy access to Pokémon quantities and prices, synced right to your Pro tools and ready to help you replenish your TCG inventory.

TCGplayer Pro lets you create buylists to showcase on your in-store kiosk and website, all without opting into TCGplayer Direct. With today’s update, your Pro buylist now supports Magic: The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh! and Pokémon so you can keep your inventory up-to-date and offer your customers more from their favorite TCGs. Plus, you can keep using Pro tools like MassPrice to streamline your Pokémon acquisition and stay competitive in the changing market.

We’re excited to add Pokémon to what’s currently available for your Pro buylist. As with Yu-Gi-Oh!, buylist capability for Pokémon is available exclusively through Pro, so keep in mind it won’t be accessible via the TCGplayer Marketplace or TCGplayer Direct Buylist.

Even more games are coming to the Pro buylist, and we need your feedback to determine which ones we add next! Which TCG do you want us to add to the Pro buylist?

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