Get ready to explore the realms and stop the impending Apocalypse: Grand Archive TCG is on the TCGplayer Marketplace!

Since their original project campaign via Kickstarter, the team behind Grand Archive TCG has achieved immense support amongst the TCG community and anime fans alike for their focus on collectibility and comprehensive game design, as well as their passion for the anime artstyle. The game boasts beautiful anime-style artwork similar to other popular Japanese OCGs, but with the streamlined interface and rule accessibility of other Western card games. Grand Archive also promises a high collectible experience, with the exclusive Kickstarter set release for the first booster, Dawn of Ashes: First Edition, including 12 Collector Ultra Rare cards in the card set, each with stunning extended artwork and gold-foil artists signatures and serial numbers.

We at TCGplayer are incredibly excited to launch full support for Grand Archive TCG! Sealed products and singles are available for listing on the TCGplayer Marketplace, including the first main set booster, Dawn of Ashes: Alter Edition. This set features a total of 280 cards modeled after Arturian myths and legends, with sorcery, heroic knights and political intrigue taking center stage in the medieval-inspired realm of Cambria.

In addition to the main booster set, Dawn of Ashes: Alter Edition also includes 3 Starter Decks each centering around a Champion selected by the Grand Archive to protect the realms from impending doom:

  1. Stand for justice with the Warrior Lorraine Starter Deck! A committed leader and champion for the defenseless, Lorraine has the unique ability to implore the spirits of nature to provide their blessing and aid.
  2. Carefully craft powerful spells with the Mage Rai Starter Deck! A curious and eager magic student, Rai is skilled at building his magic before disposing of his foes with precise and calculated spellwork.
  3. Call upon the protection of powerful allies with the Beast Tamer Silvie Starter Deck! Sylvie has a knack for befriending animals from the land, sea and sky, which she can summon for help during battle.

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