BanG Dream! takes on a new stage in Cardfight!! Vanguard on March 5th!

The ever-popular characters from the movie take their places in the form of a card game! One can create decks based on the various bands, which include “Poppin'Party,” “Afterglow,” “Pastel*Palettes," "Roselia,” “Hello, Happy World!” and “RAISE A SUILEN”! Each of these bands will have their own unique playstyle, and various “music” in the form of landscape-oriented cards can be used in battle too! 

Let's gather the band members together with Arisa and Saya’s abilities! When all members of <Poppin’Party> are present, the trigger effects obtained by Kasumi from drive checks can be applied to all front row rear-guards!

Play “Returns” from the deck or drop zone with Kasumi’s ability, which lets you reveal the top 5 cards of your deck and place a critical trigger on top! All units get +5000 Power for each critical trigger revealed!

Resolute Hard Worker, Rimi Ushigome
Binds Popipa Together, Saya Yamabuki







Rest up to two rear-guards with Ran’s ability, and the same number of units get +10000 Power! Strengthen your members with this ability!

Play “ON YOUR MARK” from the deck or drop zone with Ran’s ability to stand your other four Afterglow members and obtain two Imaginary Gift:Force when Ran attacks as a vanguard!





Increase the variety of cards in your soul and power up the members with Aya’s ability! If you have five or more unique <Pastel*Palettes> cards in soul, all of your <Pastel*Palettes> units get +5000 Power! If you have eight or more, they get +10000 Power instead!

Play “Yura-Yura Ring-Dong-Dance” from the deck or drop zone with Aya’s ability to search for and call a card with "Chisato Shirasagi" in its card name to the front row! If you have "Aya Maruyama" as your vanguard, the called Chisato becomes a vanguard too!





If a <Roselia> music has been played, Yukina gets +5000 Power for each of your opponent's vanguard's grades when Yukina attacks!
The stronger your opponent's vanguard, the stronger you will be!

Play “FIRE BIRD” from the deck or drop zone with Yukina’s ability to Stand your Yukina vanguard at the end of the battle it attacked! Let's conclude the game with continuous attacks by the vanguard!





Hello, Happy World!
When Kokoro is placed, you can call Michelle from the deck or drop zone to get the party started! If a <Hello, Happy World!> music has been played, you can call a member from your hand when Kokoro attacks to launch additional attacks!

If the music “Smiling & Singing A Song” is played, <Hello, Happy World!> units placed during your battle phase get +10000 Power, and at the end of the battle any of your <Hello, Happy World!> units attacked, you can call a card from your hand too! Use this wisely to further pile on the attacks!





High Rarity Cards Galore!
In addition, this product will come with a large variety of parallel and high-rarity cards, which will be a delight for fans and collectors!