Pricing your inventory in-store and online is one of the most important things you do as a hobby gaming retailer. We understand that this process is challenging and takes time, which is why we created the MassPrice App for TCGplayer Pro. MassPrice lets you set up your preferred pricing rules in advance, then use those rules to update your prices with the click of a button.

To make MassPrice even faster and better for your business, we added a multiselect option that lets you create more powerful rules and run them at once! Multiselect will help you get more from one of our most powerful tools.

You can now group by format, block or whatever combination you want! For example, you can select all the sets currently in Standard to update prices for all of them using the same rule. This update also allows you to see much more detailed information in your activity log after you successfully run a rule.

If you’re already part of TCGplayer Pro, sign into MassPrice now to try the new multiselect option. Feel free to contact your Customer Success Manager or email with any questions or feedback.