Time, and available inventory are both resources in scarce supply right now. TCGplayer has a solution that allows you to purchase inventory you need, and sell that inventory - while saving customer service time, effort, and expense.

When you store your cards with us in a Store Your Products (SYP) account, the touchless sales cycle is a fantastic option for high volume selling. SYP + Buylist gives you the power to buy and sell cards without ever touching them, or having to deal with buyer claims or issues. You focus on prices and get paid.

As you virtually move your cards from buy to sell via smart buy and sell pricing, the inventory physically comes and goes through our fulfillment center as buylist orders are received and your orders are fulfilled. To make it easy, we provide a MtG Pull Sheet that is formatted for your buylist portal, consisting of fast moving cards we recommend for SYP. Our team of experts accepts only the cards you want at your purchase price, and then lists those cards directly to your SYP account for you to then set the sell prices.

How Does it Work?

  1. Assign buying power. This means loading funds into your account.
  2. Set your buylist pricing 
  3. Set your selling prices
  4. Get paid!

Keep prices fresh! For accepted buylist cards, once they are received and processed at the TCGplayer fulfillment center, if you have a "Marketplace Price" set in the Pricing tab, cards are automatically added to your “live” inventory. If there is no price set, they are added to your staged inventory to await pricing. 

Sellers storing their cards at TCGplayer see the fastest payment, as all sales are triggered for payment within 4 days.

If you are interested in using the TCGplayer buylist functionality with your Direct (non-SYP) account, similarly to SYP, you are able to go in and easily add buying power, which can be done via payment withholdings or wire transfer. Then, enter pricing on the buylist tab to purchase cards through our Buylist/Trade-In system. Buylist inventory can be used to fulfill your Direct stores upcoming RI’s, and as always, we can ship your buylist cards to you at your request.

Every Direct and Store Your Product account receives full service buyer support. Keeping your buyers happy and returning is our priority.