Unlike most businesses, local game stores are all about community. Creating an in-store experience that makes customers excited to visit you is one of the most important aspects of your hobby gaming business. A fun and welcoming in-store environment will keep customers coming back and encourage them to spread the word to their friends and grow your player base even more. At Millennium Games, we strive to provide the best in-store experience by offering an engaging atmosphere for both shopping and playing. Here are three ways that we help enhance our customer experience.

A Unique Aesthetic that Delights Visitors

Providing a great in-store shopping experience starts with keeping a clean and organized store, but it doesn’t have to end there. It’s often the little extra touches that create a truly unique experience. From our full-sized Dungeons and Dragons Warrior statue guarding the gates of the restrooms to our life-sized Xanathar the Beholder that keeps watch on the RPG section, there is always something fun to see. During the holiday season, Xanathar becomes Xanathar Claus, bringing gaming cheer to all the girls and boys and creating the ultimate photo op.

Demo Tables to Showcase New Games

Our demo tables provide the ideal space for our sales staff to interact with customers and help them find the perfect game. Offering our customers a chance to see a game’s full setup, feel the pieces and play through a turn or two beats having them read about it on the back of a box. Demo games are rotated often to feature the hottest new releases, as well as other favorites that cover a variety of interests and experience levels, ensuring that we can find something for any taste.

Organized Play to Grow the Community

Organized Play is the true beating heart of a successful brick-and-mortar hobby store, providing a community for players of all stripes to enjoy their favorite games in a fun, social environment. The Millennium Games Event Center has table space to accommodate over 200 players, allowing for dozens of weekly events for a wide variety of games, including Magic six nights a week. Our Private Game Room offers high-end gaming tables, access to our full demo game library…even a private bathroom. Offering players a wide variety of events, coupled with a clean and spacious playspace, keeps them engaged in their favorite hobbies and helps drive in-store sales.