Our order fulfillment program saves you time and money by packing and mailing your online orders for Magic: The Gathering singles from our warehouse in Syracuse, NY. Here’s an inside peek at the teams in our warehouse that have made TCGplayer Direct successful for sellers like you.

Pulling Cards from Our Cabinets

When a customer orders through TCGplayer Direct, we compile that order with dozens of similar orders to create a pull sheet. Our Pull Team uses that pull sheet to retrieve cards from our cabinets and fill a Shipping Queue (SQ) tray. You can learn more about how we store and organize our cards by reading our tips for managing physical inventory. Once each SQ tray is full, another member of the team verifies it to make sure we’ve pulled the right cards and that they meet our condition guidelines.

Picking, Verifying & Packing Cards

PVP members work in pairs to pick the cards for each order out of the SQ tray, verify that the cards match the order and pack the order for safe shipping. This means at least four people check each card that goes into an order: the puller and the verifier from Pull Team, along with the picker and the verifier from PVP Team.

Checking Cards We Receive from Stores

Once we’ve packed the day’s orders, we ship them to your customers and we send you a Reimbursement Invoice (RI) for all the cards we shipped on your behalf. Our Receiving Team then unpacks and reviews all the cards we receive to ensure they’re the right printing and meet our condition standards before we file them in our cabinets. The Receiving Team also catches counterfeits when they try to infiltrate our inventory.

Making 24/7 Operations Possible

Once the Receiving Team signs off, several teams chip in to file the new cards in our cabinets. One of those teams is our overnight squad, the First Team. Besides filing, they handle any duties we couldn’t finish during the day and pull the first set of SQs before Pull Team and PVP Team take over in the morning.

Providing Expert MTG Knowledge

The Inventory Specialists work like librarians for our cards: they maintain the cabinets, resolve discrepancies in our inventory, train the rest of our warehouse staff on identifying rare cards and ensure we have enough supply when a new set is released. This keeps everything running smoothly in the warehouse.

Offering Support to All Our Teams

The Support Team does a little bit of everything. Every morning they analyze the status of each other team and send backup wherever is most helpful. This system keeps us flexible so we can react quickly to sudden spikes in demand.

We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished together through the TCGplayer Direct fulfillment service. If you’re not part of Direct, apply today so you can start saving time and money selling your cards online. 

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