Lightseekers is the next TCG that’s coming to TCGplayer, and it’s quickly building fans across the United States and United Kingdom. The game features valiant heroes, powerful combo cards and rotating cards with effects that change over time. The game is quick (10-15 minutes) and easy to learn, but also provides depth and complexity for more advanced players. It’s designed to be played by 2 or more players.

There are 386 total trading cards, and each can be scanned using the free, downloadable Lightseekers app, which allows players to unlock in-game effects, rewards and abilities. Once each card is claimed, it is tied to that specific account and cannot be traded digitally. It is therefore important that you protect unclaimed cards with a trading shield before displaying online or inside a trading case.

There are three types of cards:

  • Hero cards determine your stats.
  • Action cards (Attack, Buff, Defend and Item) deal damage to your enemies and heal your hero.
  • Combo cards require other cards as payment, but are extremely powerful in the game.

There are six orders that comprise the six different types of starter decks (and 216 of the 386 total cards):

  • Astral is heavily influenced by the cards you play next and what you played last.
  • Dread overwhelms the target with damage over time effects while suppressing your opponent’s ability to fight back.
  • Mountain is a jack-of-all-trades with strong combo defenses and protection.
  • Nature gains the most power when you carefully tend to your buffs and draw strength from your opponent.
  • Storm has ways to play cheaper and more powerful combos and is also good at dealing with buff threats.
  • Tech packs a bigger punch than most other orders, but also put you in greater danger.

Most Action cards feature a single element at the top of the card. This must match the elements available to your hero in order to be put into play. Some action cards do not have an element icon. These are considered unaligned and can be played by any hero.  

Combo cards feature multiple elements at the top of the card. To play a combo, the hero must first have access to all Elements listed on the combo. Then they also need to pay for it using cards from their hand. Cards used as payment must match all of the Elements on the combo card. Other combos can also be used to pay (and can possibly cover multiple Elements in one go) and so can items.

Item cards allow heroes access to additional elements, enabling players to build cross order decks and play cross order combo cards. These cards are only available in booster packs. Cards in booster packs have a 1 in 9 chance of being shiny.  

There are three levels of rarity. These are displayed by the color outline around the card category:

  • Gray is common
  • Blue is uncommon
  • Gold is rare

Lightseekers smart action figures and accessories also include Lightseekers trading cards. Some cards are exclusive to these items and cannot be found elsewhere.  

If you have any questions about the Lightseekers Trading Card Game, such as where to buy your supply, upcoming events or organized play, please visit or email