You’ve been selling on TCGplayer for a bit. You’ve joined Direct or Pro and things are going pretty well. However, you start to notice that you’ve sold out of the hottest Magic: The Gathering singles, and you know if you could restock them, you’d easily sell them again. However, it can be difficult to source specific cards from your local community, and that is where TCGplayer steps in. The TCGplayer Buylist helps solve this problem by giving you access to players all over the country looking to easily sell their cards.

Buylist puts your buying prices in front of everyone who wants to sell their cards immediately, rather than listing them on the Marketplace. To start using Buylist, you will need to first set aside an amount of money (minimum of $20, called withholdings), curate your Buylist, then enable your Buylist. Then, when a customer opts to sell their cards using Buylist they will get matched up with the best price for each of their cards. Once they submit their list, they will ship the cards to the TCGplayer Fulfillment Center, where we verify each card, making sure that you are receiving what you paid for. Should a card be incorrect (wrong condition, wrong set, missing card, etc), we will put the money that had been set aside for this card back in your withholdings, and send the card back to the customer. For every other card, we will then store it for you until you request that all of your stored cards get sent to you. Upon receiving them, we suggest you review them yourself and then get them listed to sell!

Now that we know how Buylist works, let's jump into some strategies for using it. When it comes to pricing your cards, remember that the fee for using Buylist is 10% of your purchase price, or $.10, whichever is greater. So, you will want to account for that when you are figuring out the margins on buying and selling your inventory. 

When building your Buylist, there are a couple of things that can influence what you want to buy. Are you looking to buy cards to sell in your store? If so, you’ll want to make sure that your purchases are in-line with your customers’ interests. Are they primarily Modern players? If so, it might be best to stock up on Modern staples. Standard players? Make sure you have the hottest cards from the new set. Commander players? Make sure there’s always a Sol Ring in stock. 

If you are looking to re-list the cards you buy on TCGplayer, check out our Store Your Products program. With this, as soon as your cards are verified by our staff, they get added to your inventory and stored in our Fulfillment Center. Then, once they sell, we ship them out for you. This method of utilizing the Buylist lets you buy and sell cards without touching them, creating an ideal online experience.

The TCGplayer Buylist provides so many new opportunities for you to stock your inventory with new Magic singles. If you would like to talk to a Customer Success Manager to learn more about this program and if it is right for you, book a meeting here!