We’re excited to announce that we’ve launched the next generation of Pro Website and Kiosk! These tools are an integral part of our suite of Retail Solutions: tools that save you time and help grow your business so you can focus on your customers.

So, what’s changed? Our Kiosk 2.0 and Pro Website 2.0 tools have been enhanced to delight your customers. They are now faster and easier than ever, with a sleek new look, enhanced functionality, and a new highly scalable and reliable hosting backend. The changes we made also allows us to more quickly launch and test new features that continuously improve the store experience for you and your customers.

Kiosk 2.0: Customers Find Cards Faster and with Ease
Kiosk 2.0 has an enhanced user experience, which includes a more modern look and feel, and an easier way to make updates to the cart. In addition, we’ve upgraded Kiosk’s appearance and increased its speed so your customers can browse with ease. The next time you log in, you’ll find a checkbox on the sign in page allowing you to try out the new version. You will be able to toggle back and forth between the new and older version as you wish – we know transitions can be hard. And just like Pro Website, we’ve removed sales requirements so you no longer need to hit a minimum number of sales to qualify for a Kiosk.

Pro Website 2.0: Faster, More Secure, and No Coding Required

Pro Website 2.0 is now fully hosted by TCGplayer and no longer uses third party technology. This means that your Pro Website is more scalable, stable and secure than ever. As a result of the site migration, we’ve bolstered Pro Websites’ security using HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) protocol and we’ve removed the monthly sales requirement previously in place to have a site. That’s right, there is no longer a minimum sales requirement!

Pro Website 2.0 also runs faster than its predecessor with enhanced search functionality and filtering options to make it easier for your customers to find the products they want. In addition to speed and performance upgrades, we have also simplified the build process –– allowing you to launch your site quickly and efficiently, with no coding required. And, our fully-integrated controls in Seller Portal make changes to your site’s organization and presentation simple and fast. Just like Kiosk 2.0, the way we built Pro Website 2.0 enables us to more quickly release new updates and improvements.

How do I upgrade to Pro Website 2.0?
To upgrade, simply login to Seller Portal, and go to the Pro Setting tab where you will find a Pro Website link that shares instructions on how to upgrade your Pro Website to 2.0.

Don’t have a Pro Website or Kiosk?

  • If you’re already a Pro Seller, congratulations; you automatically qualify for a Pro Website and Kiosk! For instructions on how to create your Pro Website, go to the Pro Settings tab in the Seller Portal. To start using Kiosk, click here for step by step instructions.
  • Not a Pro Seller yet? No worries! The process is simple: if you are a Level 4 seller or a Certified Hobby Shop you can apply here. (Level 4 requirements include 51 orders that have reached the Expected Delivery Date and a feedback ratio of 90% or above.)

We remain committed to bringing you retail solutions that seek to streamline your in-store and online shopping experience. If you have any questions about Pro Website, Kiosk or any of our Retail Solutions, please contact success@tcgplayer.com.