We’re excited to announce a limited time sale for our new TCGplayer Trading Card Envelope Kits is now live! These TCGplayer branded trading card game envelopes are designed to protect cards within the pockets via a cardboard insert so that you no longer need to ship with a top loader. A 3-pocket envelope can support up to 24 trading cards with no shifting during transit.

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Benefits of the Envelope Kits:

  • Secure protection for your cards 
  • No need for additional top loaders 
  • Cost-effective by reducing extra materials
  • Meets USPS machinable flexibility requirements; no extra postage is needed, unlike other non-machinable envelopes, shields, or shipping methods

The Trading Card Envelope Kits contain a white envelope, a cardboard insert for shipping protection, and a 3-pocket insert. 

How To Use Trading Card Envelopes - 3 Pockets:  

  1. Put your trading cards in the 3-pocket envelope (each pocket can support up to 8 cards). 
    • If shipping 1-5 cards, use the center pocket. 
    • If shipping 6-10 cards, distribute them evenly between the center pocket and one of the side pockets.
    • If shipping 11-24 cards, distribute them evenly between all 3 pockets. 
  2. Put both the cardboard insert and the packed 3-pocket insert into the white envelope. 
  3. Address and stamp your envelope. 
  4. Ship with confidence!

Please reference our Trading Card Envelope Kits FAQ for more information.