Through Direct order fulfillment, we ship online orders on your behalf—and we’re always improving the customer experience so buyers shop from you again and again. We recently offered Direct shoppers $2 store credit to complete a survey on how we can improve our packaging.

The results were phenomenal. 97% of respondents were very or completely satisfied with Direct’s packaging, and the vast majority of respondents gave the packaging 5/5 on visual appeal, durability and card protection. That satisfaction means more business for your store. Here’s the packing process we’ve been using to earn you more sales.


First, we put every card worth $25 or more in a plastic toploader. We also use toploaders as rigid backing for the other cards we ship.


We pack the cards in a team bag. We then place them into a second team bag that has a toploader inside for support. This keeps the cards flat and secure.


Next, we print a summary of the customer’s order and fold it around the team bags to give the cards an extra layer of protection.


Finally, we seal the order in a bubble mailer, so the customer knows immediately when their cards arrive.


We pack small, low-value orders in letter envelopes. We secure the cards in penny sleeves and support the envelopes with BCW currency toploaders so they never crease or fold in the mail.

Direct has been wildly popular with buyers, but we’re not done making improvements. We’re using feedback from our survey to develop the next version of Direct packaging and drive even more business to your store. If you aren’t using TCGplayer Direct to fulfill your online orders yet, apply below and gain more loyal customers.


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