Selling a card on TCGplayer is pretty simple. List it, price it competitively, and wait for the order to come in. However, you may be leaving some money on the table when it comes to your shipping costs, and how you incorporate them into your pricing strategy. We want to take a minute to discuss including part of your shipping cost into the price of the card, rather than leaving it completely separate.

A common buyer strategy is to purchase as many cards from one seller as possible in order to avoid paying multiple shipping fees. As the size of an order grows, so do your shipping costs. If enough cards are ordered, your set shipping cost may not cover the actual cost of shipping. By working part of your shipping cost into the price of your cards, you ensure that you are receiving enough money to pay for shipping regardless of the size of the order, as each card sold contributes to the shipping cost.

Including shipping costs in the price of your cards can be especially helpful for cheaper products. Orders on TCGplayer that are under $5.00 are subject to an automatic $.78 shipping fee, unless you have a higher shipping fee set. By including part of your shipping cost into the cost of the card, you can make sure you are receiving enough to cover the shipping if someone orders a single card, or 30, at a price point under $5.00. At the same time, higher end products can cause the same potential discrepancy if they push the shipping costs to the next tier, requiring tracking or signature confirmation. Including part of the shipping cost into these items may help prevent you from taking a loss on an order.

Direct is a great way to help protect you from losing money on these types of orders because you will rarely be tasked with shipping out individual orders. However, for the few orders you do still need to ship, you will want to make sure your shipping costs are set in a profitable way. Any orders sent through Direct will make you more money per order than they would otherwise. If you are not signed up for Direct and want to take advantage of it, you can do so here.

If you need help pricing with shipping in mind or growing your business, please schedule a meeting with a Customer Success Manager by selecting a time from this calendar.